Marziya Shakir Youngest Street Photographer Bandra

Marziya Shakir Youngest Street Photographer Bandra
Marziya Shakir

Goodbye Uncle Rajesh Khanna Babumoshai

Goodbye Uncle Rajesh Khanna Babumoshai
Goodbye Uncle Rajesh Khanna Babumoshai

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Marziya Shakir

Marziya Shakir

Monday, March 28, 2011

Marziya Shoots The Cosmic Soul of a Beggar Poet of Mumbai

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Sometimes and most of the time when I hand over my camera to someone to shoot me at an event and he fumbles and he has a tough time I think of Marziya Shakir my grand daughter 3 year old.

Marziya perhaps was lucky as she was born from the soul of a camera, the first time I met her when she made her appearance was the second day of her life I took her pictures and we clicked..cosmically and poetically.

And as she was my first grand child I shot every mood every nuance of her life her seconds her minutes her hours I had not done this with any of my three children , simply because I was an alcoholic and my poets soul was locked within the heart beat of an Old Monk.

So my quitting booze and Marziyas birth are synonymous , Marziya happened much later and through Marziya I learnt to walk by myself I was not a cripple anymore , she changed my life so I gifted her the vision of my camera eye.

Marziya began shooting pictures with the Nikon D 80 hand held from the age of 2..and she will never take the camera without putting the camera strap round her neck, the Nikon D 80 is not the lightest of camera.

She began shooting the streets beggars , kolis , jesus on the cross , hijras, whatever came my way I passed on to her , so now seeing a picture comes naturally .

The hijras she knows as she has seen them since since a very young age and those of Lal Mitti have a special regard for her.. she knows they are different but yes she knows they are human a lesson that has come naturally.

Marziya is the only kid that hijras did not come for Badhai...strange.. perhaps they knew of my connection with Laxmi Narayan Tripathi...

But than again Marziya is impulsive and has sudden mood swings she will only shoot when she is poetically inclined , when I was rushing down to shoot the fire near the Bandra Bori Mosque, I knew something had happened but I came to know about the fire once I reached down below, I was going to take Marziya but her mother did not allow and rightfully so, as I would have to bring her back anyway..

When I returned after the fire I told Marziya all about it, the next day, I showed her pictures too and as her school is close to the Mosque when I went to pick her up I showed her the place where I had climbed the wall to shoot those pictures.

So Marziya curiosity is natural is all I can say.

Mehrin is my friend Tehsins daughter they are both of the same age , both will be going to Apostolic Carmel Convent , Marziya loves to shoot Mehrin.

The only problem with Marziya because of her height she shoots in the air. and she shot this picture too,the camera does not intimidate Marziya, the camera too in a way is Marziyas best friend.

As I taught her to shoot with a blindfold she knows all the buttons the trigger most of a way I am fascinated with Marziyas mind her interpretation of the pictures she shoots and she checks the camera monitor for what she has shot.

Seeing the world through a camera eye and than showing the same world to strangers is a mystic karmic moment too, a moment that connects with poetic eternity.

So Marziya shoots me in a way no one has ever shot me.. she shoots my inner pain the chaos within and much more..

Marziya Shakir Shoots Her Best Friend Mehrin Mukdam Nikon D80

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

molten tears
on the cheek
of humanity froze
is stealing the soul
of a situation
up close
make it
read like poetry
what was once
prose from
your vision
the heart and soul
of another
person flows
like a tree
laden with
fruits it grows
what one
did not know
holistically healing
curing through
what you show
keeping alive
of long time ago
a picture shot in
in the heart
of a super mom
teresa burke
it glows
is your souls echo
for pedantic pompous
salon photographers
media photographers
this is not yet so
only their camera
takes pictures
continuous mode auto
compose shot and expose
they dont know
the difference
between their ass
or their rectum
or their nose
as a poem
in unlearning photography
a bitter pill of truth
ground reality
i enclose

a two year old
waiting in the wings
street photographer
takes a bow

The Slum Kids and Marziya Shakir

Om Mani Padme Hoon

Allah Ho Akbar Allah Be Praised

allah ho akbar
allah be praised
a gift of his bounty
the shakirs
have raised
her home coming
to our lives
our problems
her heart
into our souls
Allah has placed

Monday, March 21, 2011

Navroz Mubarak From Marziya Shakir

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Navroz or the New Day is 21st March. There are many specialties of the day. Moulla ibn Kais, one of the companions of the sixth Imam, Imam Jaffer Sadiq narrates that he visited the Holy Imam on 21st March and the Imam asked him whether he was aware of the importance of the day. Moulla replied that the day is the first day of the spring and is very important for the Iranians who observe this as a festival and exchange gifts. Imam replied that there are several attributes of the day and they are:

This is the day when Allah (SWT) took the Covenant from the souls of the humans that they should consider Him as One without any companion in prayers and that they should also believe in the Holy Prophets and the fourteen Masoomeens (the sin-less).

This is the day when the Holy Spirit entered the body of Adam and he started praying to Allah (SWT).

This is the day when the sun’s rays produce fruits and the blowing winds cause flowers to blossom and create bounties.

This is the day when the Arc of Noah rested on the mountain of Jodi

This is the day when Allah (SWT) resurrected seventy thousand dead souls who had died of plague. The prophet Hisqueel had prayed to Allah (SWT) for their life and Allah (SWT) asked him to recite a few holy words and sprinkle the water on their bones. The prophet did this (as described in Chapter II Buqra) and the dead were alive by the will of Allah (SWT). It therefore became a tradition in the remembrance of this event to sprinkle rose water or water on each other and take bath on this day.

On this day Gabriel brought the first revelation to the Prophet and this was the beginning of his prophethood.

On this day the Prophet Ibrahim was thrown in the fire of Namrood and the fire was extinguished by the will of God, and the fire was converted to a safe garden for Ibrahim .

On this day the Prophet Ibrahim destroyed the idols of Namrood.

Hazrat Ali was elected as the fourth Caliph on this day.

Hazrat Ali gained victory on the Karjites on this day

Our 12th Imam will reappear and hang Dajjal in a place known as Kinasa in Kufa.

The Holy Imams will return back to the world on this day

The sixth Imam then said Oh! Moulla ibn Khais this is the day of our friends. The Iranians observe this day with reverence and you Arabs have forgotten it.

It was on this day that 3000 people were raised from the dead after 60 years as mentioned in the Holy Quran (2:243). In a place called Raawerdaan, between Kufa and Basra. Plague would strike every year and the people who had the means would migrate to other villages. Once as they were fleeing the epidemic, Allah sent two angels, one from the front and one from the rear who shouted "die!" and instantly all the people along with their animals died on the spot. After some sixty years, when the bones had deteriorated, Ezikel ibne Yuza, the second vicegerent of Prophet Musa happened to pass this way and started to wonder how could it be possible for Allah to raise them again. A voice was heard which told him to sprinkle water over the bones. Ezekial did as instructed and was astounded to see the bones join together in the shape of human beings and thus were they raised from the dead. It was the day of Navroz.

text from shia forums

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Poet Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 Year Old

The Poet Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 Year Old

The Street Photographer

Colors of Holi Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 Year Old

Colors of Holi Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 Year Old

Colors of Holi Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 Year Old

Colors of Holi Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 Year Old

Colors of Holi Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 Year Old

Colors of Holi Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 Year Old

Colors of Holi Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 Year Old

Holi Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 Year Old

Holi Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 Year Old

My Bandra Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 Year Old

Kelewala Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 Year Old

taking polio drops

taking polio drops

taking polio drops

in a pensive mood

worlds youngest street photographer

Dad Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 Year Old

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Marziya Shakir Youngest Street Photographer In The World

The Headless Blogger Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 Year Old

Pictures are poem and each one reads and understands a poem differently...yes Marziya shoots poems as incomplete as the soul of a poet she shot.. bloggers are headless with due respect , blogs are not figments of the mind they are lyrical pieces of a mans soul his heart passion and poetry.

Shooting The Soul of a Grandfather Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 Year Old

Marziya shoots me and she really shoots my inner pain , my turmoils and my turbulence revealing every nuance of my life in a single frame.

But mind you Marziya shoots me like a street...a street without beginning or end a street which is only a street and not a destination...she could have shot a beggar she almost did...street photography is an attitude it is a metaphor of timelessness going round and round in circles and ending up back from where we started.

And so along with Marziyai I Unlearn photography too...

Polio Shot Volunteers Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 Year Old

Polio Shot Volunteers Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 Year Old

Goat Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 Year Old

Muslim Beggar Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 Year Old

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Marziyas pictures are figments of Marziyas mind, what I saw does not matter it was what Marziya saw shot that completes the mystery of life and the drama of the poetry of life.

Marziyas pictures are vast stretches of the innocence of her mind..and Marziya sees her pictures on the computer screen and will proudly claim it as her picture ...Dada yeh hamne liya tha...Grandpa I took this one.

And I know if not today perhaps in some long distant tomorrow Marziya will understand this medium of picture taking more poetically than is an extension of poetry.

The gamut of street life shot in a singe frame...and the street is a vast ocean of ships sailing to stay afloat...with or without mast with or without bearings some rudderless some will sooner or later capsize...some will reach shore as survivors of a great tsunami of lifes waves... hitting the soul of the destiny of man.

So Marziyas pictures shot at the age of 3 are stanzas seamlessly uniquely intensifying a given moment captured in all its slithering fleetness.

And Marziya is a impulsive as I am when taking pictures she knows when to stop and when not to take pictures.

Its impulses triggered on the soul of the mechanism of the mind that create pictures.

Studying photography I dont know..I know I am unlearning photography through the gift of life of a three year old child.

A child who began shooting her universe with a blindfold... shooting darkness creating light.

The toy miniature camera that was Marziyas first camera is always there and she uses it even now pretending to take shots to get rid of her childlike melancholia and boredom.

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Birth of a Street Photographer Marziya Shakir

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a street photographer
does not need
a camera at all
her inner eyes sees
her inner soul recalls
the street a house
of hope without
windows or walls
marziya was
shooting street life
before she held
her barbie doll
her world of cats
dogs goats
at bandra bazar road
reality all in all
the essence
of poetry
standing tall
even a giants
on the soul
of humanity
so small
third eye
in the cosmic
of the eyeball
holistically heals
the human soul
from future pitfalls

marziya all of 11 months..