Marziya Shakir Youngest Street Photographer Bandra

Marziya Shakir Youngest Street Photographer Bandra
Marziya Shakir

Goodbye Uncle Rajesh Khanna Babumoshai

Goodbye Uncle Rajesh Khanna Babumoshai
Goodbye Uncle Rajesh Khanna Babumoshai

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jis Ki Rago’n Mein Aatish-E-Badr-O-Hunain Hai Us Soorma Ka Isme Girami Hussain Hai. . .

Marziya Learns to Paint

Marziyas Top Story

I bought this top for Rs 5 , when Marziya was 6 month old, I was always scared she might get hurt with the sharp point, so this was one toy that stayed in my jewellery drawer, and I gave it to Marziya once in a while, as she cannot spin it, I would spin it for her.

Now she makes a gesture to ask for this top..this is Marziyas Top Story.

31 July 2012
I bought a top for her sister Nerjis Asif Shkir 1 year old and it costs Rs 10 from the same shop

Monday, July 30, 2012

Marziya 9 Month Old

Marziya Teaches the Slum Kids to Write

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Marziya is Lefty, but she can write draw and paint so here she is showing some of her art,and the kids love Marziya she adds a bit of freshness to her life and theirs..this is my second lesson to Marziya it is Equality.

Through the Umbrella Lady of Bandra Reclamation , Appu the limbless man of Mahim , through the Leper lady of Boran Road I taught her Charity.

And the only think I dont have to teach her is spirituality,she does Matam ,she joins her mother and grand mother for Namaz , and respects Jesus she sees all around Bandra,,and she can spot Lord Ganesha whether he be in a street temple or on a calendar..

And Marziya like me is a street photographer too.. I shoot with a camera she shoots with my eyes..

Two Street Photographers of Bandra

Marziya at Bandra Bazar Fish Market

Marziya and the Slum Kids

Marziya's New Friend Sweety

Sweety and Marziya

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My dear friend Ramesh Garud stays close to my house I shoot his house Ganpati every year , he was quite depressed for some time as time as his pet Alsatian had died , the animal was suffering from an incurable liver problem and his death hit the entire family.

There was sadness till he bought a new replacement Sweety, and everytime I thought I would take Marziya to see Sweety it never happened.. till yesterday.

I finally got them together face to face as Sweety loves nibbling flesh Marziya was wary and scared too. but they got of on a good start and signed a bond of friendship, Lucky the Labrador has overgrown Marziya so this new friendship was important to keep Marziya attached to her surroundings and her extreme love for animals at Bandra Bazar Road.

Photography Is Childs Play.. Provided You Are Born With It

shot by marziya shakir

Only Photography Breaks Down Borders and Barbed Fences

shot by marziya shakir

Three Street Photographers Shot By Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old

3 International Street Photographers Kim Viola And Marziya Shakir

Friday, July 27, 2012

the street photographer of bandra

the street photographer of bandra

Deewaar (1975 film)

from wikipedia

Deewaar, or Deewar (Hindi: दीवार, Urdu: دیوار, English: The Wall), is a 1975 Indian drama directed by Yash Chopra, written by Salim-Javed, and starring Amitabh Bachchan and Shashi Kapoor. Reflective of "the tumultuous politics of the early 70s" in India, Deewar tells the story of two impoverished brothers who, after their family is betrayed by the misplaced idealism of their father, struggle to survive on the streets of Mumbai.[1]
Deewaar was a ground-breaking work. It was one of a few films which established Bachchan as the "angry young man" of Bollywood cinema[2][3] and Parveen Babi as the "new Bollywood woman" [4] whose character Anita is "a liberated working girl, smoking, drinking and sleeping with her lover, defying every Hindi film heroine rule."[5][6] This movie cemented the success of the writing duo Salim-Javed, who went on to write many more blockbuster films, and made them one of the most memorable writers in Hindi cinema. It is said that after the success of this film, the value of film writers skyrocketed, thanks to Salim-Javed, and they soon were being paid as high as some of the actors at the time.[7][dead link]
Deewaar received the Filmfare Best Movie Award of 1975 in addition to six other Filmfare Awards and was a "superhit" at the box office, ranking as the 4th highest grossing Bollywood film of 1975.[8] Indiatimes ranks Deewaar amongst the Top 25 Must See Bollywood Films.[9]
The movie tells the story of two brothers, Vijay and Ravi Verma, who follow different career paths: Vijay is a smuggler and Ravi the policeman who is asked to hunt Vijay down. Vijay Verma (Amitabh Bachchan) and Ravi Verma (Shashi Kapoor) are the sons of a trade unionist, Anand Verma (Satyen Kappu), who was defeated and disgraced by the management of his firm using his family as bait.
Unable to bear the public disgrace father deserts the family, and the sons are raised by their mother (Nirupa Roy)who brings them to Bombay City, who suffers the trials and tribulations of a poor single mother. Vijay Verma, the elder brother, grows up with an acute awareness of his father's humiliation and is victimized for his father's supposed misdeeds. In the process of fighting for his rights Vijay, who starts out as a boot polisher and becomes a dockyard worker in his youth, becomes a smuggler and a leading figure of the underworld.

The film opens with the strong leadership of trade unionist, Anand Verma (Satyen Kappu), who works hard to enhance the lives of struggling laborers. He lives in a modest home with his wife, Sumitra Devi (Nirupa Roy), and their two young sons, Vijay Verma (Amitabh Bachchan) and Ravi Verma (Shashi Kapoor). Anand, however, is blackmailed by a corrupt businessman who threatens to kill his family if Anand does not cease his activities. Forced into compliance, Anand is thus attacked by the very same laborers who once supported him. His family is also persecuted by the angry workers who brand young Vijay's arm with the words: "Mera baap chor hai" in Hindi translated into "My Father Is A Thief." Anand then runs away forcing his wife and two children into destitute poverty. Not knowing what else to do, Sumitra Devi brings her children to Mumbai and struggles as a day laborer to care for her now homeless boys.
Vijay, the elder brother, grows up with an acute awareness of his father's failure and is victimized for his father's supposed misdeeds. In the process of fighting for his rights Vijay, who starts out as a boot polisher and becomes a dockyard worker in his youth, becomes a smuggler and a leading figure of the underworld. He also sacrifices his own education so his brother Ravi can study. Ravi is an excellent student and grows up to become an upright police officer. He is also dating Veera (Neetu Singh), the daughter of a senior police officer.On the Commissioner's suggestion, Ravi applies for employment with the police, and is sent for training. Several months later, he is accepted by the police, and has a rank of Sub-Inspector. Vijay, on the other hand, becomes involved with Anita (Parveen Babi), a woman whom he meets at a bar. When Anita becomes pregnant, Vijay decides to abandon his life in the underworld, marry her, and confess his sins. He also hopes to seek forgiveness from his mother and brother.When Ravi returns home, he finds that Vijay has become a businessman overnight, has accumulated wealth, and a palatial home. When Ravi finds out that Vijay has acquired wealth by crime, he decides to move out along with his mom.One of his first assignments is to be apprehend and arrest some of Bombay's hardcore criminals and smugglers which includes his brother, Vijay - much to his shock, as he had never associated his very own brother of having any criminal background. Ravi must now decide to proceed on with apprehending Vijay, or quit from the police force. However, when Anita is brutally murdered by rival members of the underworld, Vijay loses all sense of rational behavior and brutally murders his rivals in revenge for Anita's death, leading him to be branded a criminal forever. Their mother, who had sided with Ravi despite the fact that Vijay was her favorite, is tormented by Vijay's decisions and rejects him. When the two brothers meet for a final clash, however, it is Vijay who dies in his mother's arms seeking forgiveness and Ravi who is awarded for pursuing justice.

Amitabh Bachchan as Vijay Verma (the elder brother)
Shashi Kapoor as Ravi Verma (the younger brother)
Nirupa Roy as Sumitra Devi, Vijay & Ravi's Mother
Neetu Singh as Leena Narang
Satyendra Kapoor as Anand Verma, Vijay & Ravi's Father
Parveen Babi as Anita
Manmohan Krishna as DCP Narang
Madan Puri as Samant
Iftekhar as Mulk Raj Dhabaria
Sudhir as Jaichand
Jagdish Raj as Jaggi
Raj Kishore as Darpan
Yunus Parvez as Rahim Chacha, Head porter
Mohan Sherry as Peter's Henchman
Alankar Joshi as Young Vijay Verma
Raju Shrestha as Young Ravi Verma
Rajan Verma as Lachhu
A. K. Hangal as Chander's Father
Dulari as Chander's Mother
D. K. Sapru as Mr. Agarwal
Kamal Kapoor as Anand Verma's Employer

the heritage of bibi zainab.. the heritage of the hijab

Uff tumhare yeh usool, yeh aadarsh. Kis kaam ke hai yeh. Inko gondhkar do waqt ki roti naheen banaayi jaa sakti

Mere paas ... Maaa Hai.

Yeh dekho yeh wohi main hoon aur yeh wohi tum. Aaj main kahan pahuch gaya hoon aur tum kahan ho. Aaj mere paas buildingey hai, gaadi hai, bank balance hai. Tumhare paas kya hai. Kyaa hai tumhare paas. ................ Mere paas ... Maaa Hai.

"Sapne bhi samundar ki lahron ki tarah haqeeqat ki chattanon se takrakar toot jaate hain."

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Marziya Shakir Soul of the Hijab

Marziya Shakir Soul of the Hijab

Marziya shot by Nerjis Asif Shakir 1 Year Old

Yeh lo, phir tumhari aankho main paani! Maine tumse kitni baar kahan hai ki, Marziya mujhse ye aansu dekhe nahi jaate. I hate tears.

GoodBye Sir Came To See You With Marziya 26 July 2012

Farewell Mr Rajesh Khanna Shot By Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old

Farewell Mr Rajesh Khanna Shot By Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old

An Era Ends Shot By Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old On Canon EOS 60D

Marziya Shakir Offers Sharadanjali to Mr Rajesh Khanna

Marziya Shakir Offers Sharadanjali to Mr Rajesh Khanna

Marziya Shakir Offers Sharadanjali to Mr Rajesh Khanna

Marziya Shakir Offers Sharadanjali to Mr Rajesh Khanna

Kahin Door Jab Dil Dhal Jaye ..Marziya Shakir Bids Adieu

Sharing Sweet Memories at Ashirwad

Bala Me And Marziya Shakir at Ashirwad

Marziya Shakir And Mr Rajesh Khannas Man Friday Bala At Ashirwad

Bala let us in the bungalow and the first thing Marziya Shakir did was kiss his hand as she has known him since she was a tiny tot and came with me to visit Mr Rajesh Khanna.

Bala gave her sweets and she was here a few months before Sir s death along with her kid sister 9 month old Nerjis Asif Shakir..

Nerjis too wanted to come but I could not handle two kids in the rain so I only bought Marziya Shakir..

Marziya Shakir Shoots The Soul And Spirit of Mr Rajesh Khanna

Marziya Shakir Shoots The Soul And Spirit of Mr Rajesh Khanna

This evening both Marziya Shakir my 4 year or granddaughter and I went to Ashirwad Carter Road to pay our respects and condole the loss of Mr Rajesh Khanna ..we met Ms Dimple Kapadia or Dimpleji as she is known as and she placed Marziya on her lap and Marziya Shakir dressed in a hijab was totally in awe of this rare beauty and great human soul.

I took permission from Dimpleji and Marziya took two shots of the soul and spirit of Uncle Rajesh Khanna ..Ms Simi Garewal who was sitting with Dimpleji could not believe that this child 4 year old is an accomplished photographer shooting pictures since she was 2 on the Nikon D80.
Now of late Marziya Shakir shoots on Canon EOS 60D or the much heavier Canon 7D ..with the vertical grip .

Later Marziya shot me and Bala and pictures outside the bungalow as it drizzled .. and the skies wept ..

The Birth of The Worlds Youngest Photographer Marziya Shakir

Marziya Shakir Street Photographer

The Hijab

The hijab a womans shield
a spiritual protection of her soul
a fabric a piece of cloth mold
a woman to saintly
modesty behold
a thought worth
all its wealth in gold

Black and White

Yes she is a Shiite
her strength
the indomitable spirit of her race
hidden beneath layers black and white

every year in moharam
a pledge we rewrite
ya hussain
a chant
a holistic healing plaint
reverbrates day and night
karbala and ashura
corner stone of our grit determination
without borders of country or nationality
we as shias reunite
allah ho akbar
within the drop of a tear
lies abbas alamdars might
nade ali within our inner sight
mash ke sakina maksade hussain
was not a battle for political supremacy
but of Truth Justice Equality and Human Rights
he gave his head but not his hand to Yazid
Hazrat Imam Hussain beloved grandson of the Holy Prophet
through the dark chapters of Islamic turbulence
He gave us Eternal Light
Muslims love killing Muslims
Reality bytes
a curse that adds
to our collective plight
the hand that feeds is the
hand that smites
Trampling the serpent head
Of Yazidiyat
The goal of all Shiites

The Shakir Sisters of Bandra

Shakir Sisters of Bandra

Shakir Sisters of Bandra

Mehreen Marziya and Nerjis Asif Shakir

Best Friends Marziya and Mehreen