Marziya Shakir Youngest Street Photographer Bandra

Marziya Shakir Youngest Street Photographer Bandra
Marziya Shakir

Goodbye Uncle Rajesh Khanna Babumoshai

Goodbye Uncle Rajesh Khanna Babumoshai
Goodbye Uncle Rajesh Khanna Babumoshai

Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Touch Of A Guru .. Marziya Shakir And Mr Shreekanth Malushte

I was called to model for the students of Mr Shreekanth Malushte at Rani Bagh Byculla Zoo .

I took my 5 year old grand daughter Marziya Shakir , she shot her pictures on Canon EOS 60D while I shot her on my camera Canon EOS 7D...

This was Marziya Shakirs first long distant outing .. and later I showed her the pathetic Mumbai zoo , one of the worst in the country..

Marziya Shakir Street Photographer Canon User 5 Year Old

Monday, August 19, 2013

Nerjis And Marziya Two Inimitable Street Photographers Of Bandra

For My Grand Children A Visit To Mr Rajesh Khannas House Is a Pilgrimage And A Blessing- Ashirwad

Nerjis now 2 year old remembers Kakaji by name and calls him Uncle Rajesh Khanna , and Nerjis learnt to walk in Mr Rajesh Khannas hose with his blessings ,,,

Marziya now 5 visited Mr Rajesh Khanna with me more often , and whenever Kakaji was depressed or felt lonely he would ask Bala to call me and make sure I bought Marziya and Nerjis.

He gave them chocolates talked to them , and would be transported in a different world , so whenever I take the kids to Carter Road a visit to Bala is a must.. and both are very fond of him.

This was shot last year on Independence Day..

Nerjis Asif Shakir On Independence Day 2012 - Shot By Marziya Shakir

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Marziya Shakir Shoots...

Pain , beggars the homeless in her stride 
wonders why there is such a deep divide 
the rich in their ivory towers could help 
but the essence of compassion is missing 
worldly plight .. darkness at dawn.. time 
tireless tide .. poetic plight... the other 
side of midnight ...tears on the soul of 
humanity.. no respite....

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Main Marziya Shakir Street Photographer Hoon

bhavanaji ka
ashirwad shoot
karti hoon ..main
eis mubarak eid
ki khushiyan
is photo ke zariye
batne ki eecha
karti hoon..
main bahut kuch
is cameray ki nazron
se sikha karti hoon

photo shot by dear friend bhavana nissima whe she visited our house recently..

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Zinnia Marziya Nerjis

Zinnia Marziya Nerjis

Marziya Shakir

Marziya Shakir

Marziya Shakir

Marziya And Nerjis

Marziya And Nerjis

Style Icon Shakirs- Nerjis Zinnia Marziya

Friday, August 2, 2013

Marziya Shakir Shot Pain Without A Camera 23 Month Old - Appu My Friend

Marziya I Will Miss You After Bakra Eid,,,,

Marziya Shakir Photographerno 1 And The Whipper Boy

Marziya Shakir And Nerjis Asif Shakir

My Grand Daughters Marziya Nerjis and Zinnia Fatima

The Malang Shot By Marziya Shakir 5 Year Old

Marziya Shakir shot me is fine but to add depth to her shot she added the girl in the frame and my 5 year old grand daughter is a good photographer blessed by Dr Glenn Losack MD her only acknowledged photo guru , the other Guru is Viola from Denmark,, I am not considered a Guru .. only Dada or grandfather .

And I am happy that she knows her mind and follows it , Marziyas picture of Mr Shreekanth Malushtes photo outing with his students at Bhauji Lad Museum and Rani Bagh has come in a local newspaper too.. but a more poignant photographer in my family is Nerjis Asif Shakir 2 year old and waiting in the wings Zinnia Fatima my third grand daughter 22 month old..

Ours is a camera centric family barring my daughter we are strictly opinionated Canon users ..we would not take Nikon even if it was given free to us..

We used it i our hey days actually over used and got abused by their technicians ..decided no more Nikon.. Only Canon.