Marziya Shakir Youngest Street Photographer Bandra

Marziya Shakir Youngest Street Photographer Bandra
Marziya Shakir

Goodbye Uncle Rajesh Khanna Babumoshai

Goodbye Uncle Rajesh Khanna Babumoshai
Goodbye Uncle Rajesh Khanna Babumoshai

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Why My Grand Daughter Marziya Shakir Wont Join My Camera Club

In Mumbai most of the business , run by hawkers thrives on Hafta a corrupt system where illegal selling of goods on the streets public places is restricted but condoned if you line the long deep pockets of the corrupt officials , it could be a policeman , a municipal official,.. this system we are all aware of but it exists , only the government pretends it is a figment of the common mans mind.

Hawkers are the bane of society for some , as they take away open places you can see this everywhere be it Linking Road CST or this path off Photographic Society of India my camera club where I am a life member in name.

I have moved our from so called fine art photography that has never changed will never change .. today or till eternity..

I dont shoot what these grand masters sitting above at PSI Mumbai shoot I would simply commit suicide if I shot the same black and whites the same pictures that others before them shot and the same that is being taught to the generation that s still unborn will shoot.

I shoot shit I shoot fucked street scenes you see day in and day out but you wont shoot it would dirty the soul of your pristine camera consciousness ..

And pardon my opinionated soliloquy I certainly wont shoot what the so called high priced celebrity Presswallahs shoot and I dont promote or want them I shoot,,, I am not a Google+ photographer pundit who tickles the ass of a sunset .. I dont hawk my pictures nor serve them on a tray..

But yes you cant stop me from making my grand daughter 4 year old Marziya Shakir shoot what I shoot , she has not joined my camera club.. no camera clubs are not for her will never be she took a upgrade she is a internet photographer her pictures hang on a Flickr wall..and I am proud of her she saw light much before she saw the camera .. it fell from my camera vision into her childs soul.

And all these pictures of hawkers running away on spotting the Municipal van , that snatches their goods and robs them of their livelihood were shot last evening on her camera Canon EOS 60D.. I gave some rest to my own Canon EOS 7 D .

I had come to the hospital and from there to buy a telly lens for her camera from Raju and Shyam of Reliable stores ..and a spare battery.

She wants to do a photo documentary on Jesus in Bandra and specially shoot the Holy Spirit and Jesus in St Peter Church. and Marziya Shakir is a good gifted street photographer her guru Dr Glenn Losack MD from Manhattan New York promotes her encourages her.

But she is very close to Marc De Clercq another prolific photographer and a Dam Madar Malang like me who visits my house

I will certainly take my grand daughter Marziya Shakir to PSI Mumbai my camera club to introduce her to my friends out there and show her the walls where once my pictures hung.. the place that was once a Temple for stalwarts like Phanibanda ,Sam Tata Mitter Bedi, AJ Patel..Dr RJ Mehta ,and so many much before my time as this club is over 75 years old.

And besides Marziya Shakir two of my other grand daughters Nerjis Asif Shakir 10 month old Fatima Zaira 7 month wait in the wings to shoot the streets of life..

And for once my friend Vilas Gholse my PSI Friend who was watching me shoot all this will agree with me .. that Camera Clubs are Passe ..

Grand Fathers who teach photography in 5 minutes ..

And this is a tribute to a great grand father my guru Babuji Mr KG Maheshwari

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Beggar Poet And His Daughter Shot By Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old

Marziya Shakir worlds youngest street photographer began shooting pictures from the age of 2 on the Nikon D80 gifted to her by her god uncle photo guru Dr Glenn Losack MD Manhattan New York..

Than she got another gift of a Nikon D 3100 from her Uncle Zain that was taken by her Agony Aunt who is a good photographer too..

She finally got the Nikon EOS 7 D from her Uncle Kishore Bajaj with whom she shares her birthday on Nov 24.

The Canon EOS 7D is being used by her grand father the beggar poet also known as Photographer No1 and the Barefeet Blogger and Shia Hindu.

He saved money begged borrowed but did not steal and bought and gifted her the Canon EOS 60D on which she shoots the streets of Bandra the beggars and the deprived section of society.

Marziya Shakir is not on Facebook
Only on Twitter and Google+

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Marziya Shakir First Shot Pictures On the Cosmic Camera in her Brain

Marziya Shakir Birth of a Street Photographer

Marziya Shakir 2 Days OldA penny for your thoughtsMarziya Shakir 2 Days OldMarziya Shakir Nov 25 2007Marziya Shakir Nov 25 2007Marziya Shakir Nov 25 2007
Marziya Shakir Nov 25 2007Marziya Shakir Nov 25 2007Marziya Shakir Nikon D80Marziya ShakirMarziya and Grand MaMarziya Shakir Birth of a Street Photographer
Marziya Day 2Marziya -Allah is PleasedMarziya Shakir  2 days oldMarziya First Lesson Unlearning PhotographyMarziya ShakirMarziya Shakir
Marziya Shakir - Her MomMarziya ShakirMarziya Shakir YawnsMarziya ShakirMarziya Shakir 2 days oldMarziya  Shakir 3 days old

Marziya Shakirs Report Card

Marziyas Report Card by firoze shakir photographerno1

Reading of Alphabets ...Good 

Conversation Very  Good 

Number Work   Very Good 

Poetry   Very Good 

General Knowledge Good

Drawing Good

Writing Good 

Hand Work Very Good 

Drill Games  Very Good 

Conduct Very Good 

Application Excellent 

Marziya  is a very friendly  girl. She exhibits learning and sharing tendencies.

Marziya Shakir promoted to Senior KG

The Sweet Seller Lady and Marziya

She is an old lady who sells cheap sweets chocolates biscuits to the nearby Municipal school where the slum kids study..and Marziya is very fond of her and wishes her each time we pass her by.

The Slum Kids and Marziya Shakir

Marziya Shakir And Her Fans

230,714 items / 1,942,878 views

Marziya Shakir is 4 year old, plays with Barbie dolls loves the Idiot Box and Nusery Rhymes on You Tube she has mastered her fathers high end Mobile phone knows all the games applications ..

She used to be a lonely child at home the only child among childish adults , so she began playing talking to herself, make believe world you know the rest.. than her luck changed she got a baby sister in July Nerjis Asif Shakir as brilliant her , after three months of her sisters birth she got another playmate her cousin Zaira Saif Shakir.

So our house became a kids creche , kids diapers and kids yells and cries.

Both the younger kids one walks the other walks on the walker dote on Marziya Shakir who plays the role of Mother Hubbard to the hilt .

Marziya Shakir has had the most adventurous childhood I have documented it from the second day of her birth till the present day.. and as she grew she would browse through her picture gallery on Flickr and she remembered most of the episodes scenes ..

She began shooting pictures on the Nikon D 80 from the age of 2 ,,, understanding pain , the streets and the lives of urchins .. she shot what I shot , but with innocence .. she adopted a homeless lady called the Umbrella lady two years back and her pocket money goes to this lady.

She gives money generously to the street kids and has a greater beggar fan following than me , but the community that loves her the most are the beggar eunuchs or hijras .. they take her blessings and tell me that Marziyas touch on their heads is like God accepting and giving them a new lease on Life.

Marziya can spot a hijra and knows that this person is special.. that is what matters ,..

There are a few events rituals that Marziya shoots one is Durga Puja , she stands on a chair takes the shots herself..and Rani Mukerjees North Bombay Pandal is her favorite than comes Nutanpally Bandra.

She has shot the Durga Puja of Ram Krishna Mission too.

Ganesh Pandals those close to our house ..

One place she will drag me is St Peter Church Bandra .. she loves shooting this Church with a wild passion..and Fr Jaun the Parish priest lovesMarziya Shakir.

The other place is the quintessential Bandra Bazar Fish Market , her friend here is Manjula Koli , who has bought up Marziya andMarziya understands their Koli language .. they fisherwomen call Marziya .Shakir Marziya Koli.

One person who liked Marziya Shakir was the head priest of the local Parsi fire Temple at Tata Parsi agiary Mr Vazifdar he pased away a few years back, Marziya misses him a lot.

Among Bollywood stars Marziya has a great equation with Salman Khan and Mr Rajesh Khanna.

Marziya Shakir gets calls from abroad , and there was a special one who for reasons unknown has completely forgotten Marziya .. her Aunt Powrbubble.

Her friends on Facebook I am sure miss her as both Marziya and my grand daughter Nerjis Asif Shakir are now on the more mind soul appealing water hole called Google+.

Marziya Shakir passed her Nursery and has been promoted to Senior KG.

As both my grand daughters have gone on their summer holidays I am reminiscing their lives through pictures as pictures they have left behind.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Marziya Shakir Her Name

born into the soul of humility
marziya shakir her name
floating between one
layer and another
a frame within a frame
internets chosen child
computer mouse
monitor to blame
2 years old
on a memory
card of life
her way
to fame
9000 images
her lifes story
an old man
she did tame
one day
long after
i am gone
my inheritance
my heritage
she will claim
photographer no1
marziya asif shakir
her nickname
her first lesson
of unlearning
from a tale
in mahabharta
see the bird
focus on the eye
depth of field
angle of focus
close your eyes
shoot and aim
media photographers
she will shame
oh she is
the furious physician
dr glenn losack md's
god daughter
they will exclaim

dedicated to glenn losack

Two Painted Clowns

one beautiful fair
one wheatish brown
two painted clowns
one a rising sun
one a setting sun down
one owns a smile
the other a fretting frown
a born guru
she already
wears my crown
even time cannot
clamp down
the machinery
of her head
even fate
cannot shut down
humility is what
i gave to her
as unlearning
she wont let
me down
more important
as a photographer
to be human
a poet
a shooter of pain
be a pompous pedantic
photographer renown
living in the hearts
souls of people
you shoot than
a No1 in boom town

Two Street Photographers of Bandra

Marziya Shakir Is a Favorite of the Bandra Police

Marziya Shakir Is a Favorite of the Bandra Police

Marziya Shakir Is a Favorite of the Bandra Police

How Can You Shoot The Streets If You Dont Understand or Feel Pain

And Marziya shoots the same people I shoot , she saves her pocket money that she pays to a homeless lady adopted by her .. so it is not the camera that makes you a great photographer it is your love for humanity and your humility .. nothing else exists..