Marziya Shakir Youngest Street Photographer Bandra

Marziya Shakir Youngest Street Photographer Bandra
Marziya Shakir

Goodbye Uncle Rajesh Khanna Babumoshai

Goodbye Uncle Rajesh Khanna Babumoshai
Goodbye Uncle Rajesh Khanna Babumoshai

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Grand Daughter Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old Shoots Me On Canon 7D

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I am 59 years old I learnt photography pretty late in life and I am still learning I have yet to understand the complexities of the Canon 7 D Manual..I am trying to get the hang of this new Canon camera , as I always used the Nikon , others shot with Canon I preferred my hardy blood thirsty gulal friendly Nikon D 80..ideal for street photography.. I shot Ashura with my head cut blood seeping into my lens and viewfinder I shot Lalbagh Chya Raja visarjan my camera cloaked in vermilion gulal..I shot Durga visarjan with sea water splashing my face and my camera lens , like the Mee Mumbaikar Bong I would not let Ma Durge leave me alone on the shore I walked in to the waist deep waters and she would push me back gently with each wave..but I would not let her go shooting her journey for posterity..

I shot India my India is different real pulsating my India is a India that is not a syrupy get well soon travel brochure , and this is the same India that my grand daughter Marziya Shakir shot, since she was 2 year old , her India was Durga pandals , specially the North India Durgotsav and Nutanpally Bandra she shot standing on a chair unafraid , she is braver than me she shot Holi, she shot Moharam kids scourging their backs , she shot unruly kids crowds when India won the World Cup.. without getting intimidated and she shoots hijras like me .. she shoots beggars she shoots children of a lesser God a God half asleep eyes half shut..

And Marziya has not read the Canon 7 D Manual.. Marziya is in Junior Kg..but she is at ease holding this heavier camera ,,, and she shoots without making a hula balu.. no drama simply shooting what her inner eye shows her..

She shot me and than touched the button to see what she had shot, smiled gave the camera back to me.. and she inherits my camera my heritage of shooting pain , the only reality that touches us all, Pain is what demystifies the soul of Mankind we are one in Pain..

And waiting eagerly in he wings with a greater love for the camera than even Marziya and me is my 7 month old grand daughter Nerjis Asif Shakir , she drools on the camera , she touches it as though it is the nost precious thing in her life..
The camera is the Third Eye of Shiva..his Tantric Kundalini unleashing his energy on the pictures we shoot .. pictures that are nothing but emotions feelings and the sacredness of our eternal flight.

Marziya and Nerjis are both unwell so our house has lost its shine and ..both are vulnerable .. and are being treated at home ...

And Marziya in a single shot on the Canon EOS 7D shot me my father my grand father and my Moghul Pathan race as a branch that is an integral root of this banyan tree..

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