Marziya Shakir Youngest Street Photographer Bandra

Marziya Shakir Youngest Street Photographer Bandra
Marziya Shakir

Goodbye Uncle Rajesh Khanna Babumoshai

Goodbye Uncle Rajesh Khanna Babumoshai
Goodbye Uncle Rajesh Khanna Babumoshai

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Marziya Shakir 5 Year Old

Marziya Shakir is my first grandchild .

Born at Holy Family Hospital Bandra on 24 Nov 2007.

She is the first born of my eldest son Asif Shakir web designer .

As there were complications when she was born I could only see her the next day 25 Nov 2007 and from that day religiously baptized her with my camera ..letting the soul of my camera seep into her soul forever

I carried her all around hung on my waist she saw me shoot political rallies beggars and hijras too,,, and I took her to Salman Khans house and she was a regular visitor to Mr Rajesh Khannas house .. I let her reach out to my camera and assisted her as much as I could by the age of 2 Marziya was shooting pictures ,,,I documented important days of her life , Moharam her sickness her birthdays , and took her showed her places of worship the Church the Temples ..

She shot Moharam zanjir matam, she shot the interiors of Churches , she shot Durga workshops Ganesh workshops and the Bengali Durga pandals in Bandra and around Bandra.

She began shooting the beggars the unfortunate and adopted a homeless lady near our house the Umbrella Lady of Bandra Reclamation giving he pocket money to her weekly.

She shot the Republic Day , the Carter Road football marathon Mount Mary Feast but as she is growing rapidly into a little lady I began taking her out less , but she had a childhood with dogs cats goats and began her love for animals.

She met the Kolis of Bandra fish market when she could barely walk and Manjula from Worli Gaon who sells fish in the market became her favorite aunt.. and both chatted away Manjula speaking in Koli language and Marziya nodding he head understanding it all.

I did not want Marziya Shakir to be a photographer but yes through the camera I taught her basic human values and when dressed in a black burkha she offered her Shraddanjali to Ms Dimple Kapadia at Ashirwad , Dimpleji hugged her and Marziya Shakir shot the pictures that Dimpleji saw on the camera monitor..

And when Akshay and Twinkle got their first daughter Nitara Khanna Bhatia. I sent Dimpleji a message that the wishes of Mr Rajesh Khanna had been fulfilled because he loved Marziya and her sister Nerjis immensely...he loved the girl child as a doting father ..

And so I shot Marziya Shakirs 5 birthday .. Assad and Saif shot the video.. it was a purely homely affair and as this post is about Marziya Shakir I will digress less bit nowadays Marziya Shakir shoots on her own IPad ..

And I am now teaching photography to her sister Nerjis Asif Shakir since she was 5 month old.. Nerjis Asif Shakir is the Camera ...The Vision and the Soul of My Own Photography too.

Time will tell .. so all I can tell you as a grand father of 3 girls what you imbibe in your child , what seeds you sow is what you will reap , some things we teach our children and so much and so much more they teach us.

I thank all of you for her birthday wishes your love for her and your support..

All the eminent photographers friends who visited my house have been shot by Marziya Shakir youngest street photographer of Bandra ..though now the eponymous title has been usurped by Nerjis Asif Shakir 14 month old.

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